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02/05/2016 03:15 PM
Why Crush Cardio Activity Is the Worthy One!
Looking to cut fat, lose some weight and tone your body? Is a trip to the gym nothing but a monotonous, dull hour spent in the cardio section?
01/28/2016 10:10 AM
Did You Know You Already Have A Six Pack?
Did you know you already have a six pack? You already have a six pack.. You just can't see it!
01/26/2016 12:53 PM
9 Fat-Burning Plyometric Exercises
Targeted exercises are the best way to shape that flat body that has been bothering you for so long. But they are slow and need a lot of devotion. Don't worry you can burn the required amount of calories and lose weight without having to spend hours in the gym. Plyometric exercises burn an excessive amount of calories in a shorter workout. These are extensive exercises that enhance the muscle workout and pumps your heart for faster and more sweating. Following are some amazing plyometric exercises that you can perform in routine to get the desired body.
01/08/2016 02:11 PM
Fasted Cardio or Fed State Cardio?
FASTED CARDIO VS FED STATE CARDIO - Which one is best? Which one is going to help YOU get SHREDDED? Well, the answer isn't quite so black & white.
01/04/2016 02:59 PM
Exercises and Workouts - The Best Strength Building Cardio Workouts
Strength training is another way of saying "increasing muscle strength." Strength training works by the phenomenon known as the overload principle. If you want to build up more strength in your body but aren't so keen to start an actual strength training workout session, perhaps you may be wondering what cardio exercises you can include in your activity plan that will help you build up more strength. Although cardio by nature is not ideal for building up muscular strength, when the right variation is carried out, it can help you gain more functional power in all you do. No cardio will ever compare to that of strength training, but with the right selection, you can come close. Let's go over the best strength building cardio workouts to consider.
11/13/2015 08:59 AM
Move for Your Heart: 5 Best Exercises for Your Cardiovascular Health
Living a sedentary lifestyle? You're not alone. Because of their jobs, a lot of people spend long hours sitting down.
11/03/2015 01:37 PM
Natural Techniques For Improving Cardiovascular Health
It is the heart that initiates cardiovascular performance by pumping blood. This pumped blood contains all the required oxygen, nutrients, hormones and WBCs that are to be conveyed to the destined organs. On the other hand, blood vessels serve as channels through which blood flows.
08/31/2015 03:06 PM
30 Minutes Of Physical Activity 6 Days A Week Is Linked To A 40% Lower Risk Of Death
Increasing the physical activity levels in the elderly appears to be as good for health as quitting smoking, the Oslo II study demonstrated. Analysis of the study participant data showed that under an hour each week of light physical activity was not associated with any meaningful reduction in risk of death from any cause. Getting than an hour of physical activity regardless of intensity was linked to a 32% to 56% lower risk of cardiovascular death or death from any other causes.
06/23/2015 08:06 AM
Obtain Optimal Health With Cardiovascular Exercises
Cardiovascular is related to the circulatory system wherein it contains the heart and blood vessels. It is where the oxygen is being transmitted to the body tissues and then takes away the carbon dioxide and other wastes.
06/18/2015 07:13 AM
Benefits of Joining the Zumba Craze
Zumba, the Latin-inspired fitness dance craze, is attracting a wide variety of enthusiasts. Explore some of the engaging benefits that make these moves fun and effective.
05/26/2015 08:23 AM
5 Great Cardio Exercises That Don't Need The Gym
If the cost of a gym membership is too expensive and stopping you from getting fit and into shape there are effective cardio exercises that you can don't need the gym. Cardiovascular exercise is regarded one of the most important components in any fitness program because it helps to improve energy, enhance muscle tone and aid better sleep. 1...
03/04/2015 04:40 PM
Why Take A CoQ10 Supplement?
Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. It is an anti-oxidant and is anti-inflammatory. CoQ10 is found in every cell in your body and is needed in order for the cell to function properly. It also helps convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into energy.
03/02/2015 12:58 PM
HIIT Vs Steady State - Which Type of Cardio Is Better?
This is a very popular topic in fitness when it comes to cardiovascular workouts. Most people ask me which form of cardio will yield the best results. Before I jump to my recommendation, I would like to outline the pros and cons of each style.
01/26/2015 08:01 AM
Improve Your VO2 Max - An Easy to Understand Shortcut to a Fitter, Faster You
VO2 max is the maximum delivery of oxygen to the muscles. It is the power output of the whole system, a measure of your cardiovascular fitness, a surrogate marker. This may be improved by hard and fast interval training. This is well worth the effort.
01/08/2015 08:02 AM
Cardio - Five Ways To Lose Fat Quickly and Efficiently
In your journey toward fitness goals, there can be many obstacles. The biggest one is losing the fat before you gain muscle. Here are tips to losing the fat quickly and effectively.

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