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10/19/2021 06:16 PM
Seven Advices That You Must Listen Before Studying Leggings
Everyone keeps asking, "Are leggings really pants?" Those who love leggings are faced with the responsibility of defending them to put to rest this nagging question. Are you interested in leggings?
07/09/2018 03:48 PM
Should You Do Cardio Exercise Before or After Strength Training?
So you understand the importance of both cardio and strength training, yet should you perform cardio before or after strength training in order to maximize the benefits? This article looks at the benefits of performing cardiovascular exercise prior to and after resistance training.
12/12/2017 03:45 PM
Pool HIIT Workout
Pool HIIT is a fantastic way to get in a high intensity workout without the impact on the body. Indoor or outdoor pools can provide a perfect place for this pool HIIT workout and can be done any time of the year.
12/07/2017 09:38 AM
7 Keys to Good Health by Good Breathing
A very common slogan among asthma sufferers is "When you can't breathe, nothing else matters", alluding to the desperateness of one who can't inhale the life-giving air. Is life-giving air the full story on breathing? This article takes common breathing advice and gives reasons for its efficacy. It goes further and provides essential elements in breathing technique for better health.
07/27/2017 10:26 PM
Cardio Fitness for the Aged Person
One needs to understand the pressure put on the heart and lungs by overweight and lack of exercise. Both these are pertinent to people who are over 70 years because many tend to sit back, eat more, and indulge themselves in table games or, like me, on the computer. Hours of sitting is extremely unhealthy and one day a voice inside me told me to join a gym.
04/28/2017 03:49 PM
Determining Exercise Intensity
This article examines intensity levels of aerobic exercise and provides instruction on how to determine your intensity level. It also provide insight on the benefits on the various intensities and the risks associated with each.
03/09/2017 04:35 PM
How Do Cardio Exercises Improve the Quality and Quantity of Life?
Individuals who are entering the Golden Years of their lives should exercise more - not less. The benefits of aerobic exercise cannot be understated, especially during the senior years of one's life. Here are some reasons to remind everybody that exercise is an essential part or component of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits are truly astounding:
09/22/2016 08:38 AM
Regular Sessions in Cardiovascular Exercises
Regular sessions in the cardiovascular area improve the health of your heart and lungs. It also helps your heart and lungs to function properly; therefore it is called as "cardio." Cardiovascular exercise promotes loss of body fat.
08/02/2016 03:44 PM
Three Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training
High intensity interval training offers many advantages over standard workout regimens. Learn why you should start integrating these workouts into your workout schedule.
07/28/2016 11:52 AM
Home Fitness DVDs Are Valuable Exercise Tools
Since the days Jane Fonda and her group of leotard-sporting, leg-warmer-wearing exercisers on VHS-that's Video Home System for those of you under the age 25-exercisers have loved the convenience of working out at home. VHS has now long gone the way of the dinosaur, but home fitness fanaticism is still alive and well. Home fitness DVDs are a viable option for those who don't have a gym membership.
07/28/2016 08:23 AM
Can't You Make Regular Exercise Compulsory In Your Daily Life?
An active aerobic exercise program implies more hectic work for the heart and lungs as you work out like during dance moves. The anaerobic indicates the compulsion for the heart and lungs to work harder like in bodybuilding. The aerobic idea of being a living entity in the presence of oxygen is a heartening sensation indeed and should provide the motivation to strive for better health and a positive lifestyle. The awe associated with extreme achievements like body building is the work of champions but the great majority of common folks would readily swallow the bitter pill of aerobics.
06/29/2016 01:28 PM
Guide to Cardio Exercises - The Outdoor Workout
Leading a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the body. To improve your cardiovascular health, you need to engage in cardio exercises.
06/22/2016 10:31 AM
What Is the Best Cardio For Weight Loss?
While cardio plays an important role in weight loss, this should be combined with proper diet if the long-term benefits are still to be achieved and maintained. In fact the right diet is a key factor while trying to cut weight and improve your overall health. However, when it is combined with the right cardio exercises for weight loss as well as weight training programs, the combination will bear more fruits.
05/09/2016 04:25 PM
Your Guide for an Aerobics Workout
Aerobics is an intense workout which gives you massive results, but only if you do it patiently and regularly. It's really important to dedicate your time and energy positively to attain the desired results when you start with such a workout regime.
04/27/2016 12:25 PM
The Best Cardio for a Fat Free Life
Studies have shown that exercising for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week produces the most beneficial results. The thing is, that exercise can cover a huge range of activities provided that your heart rate is raised to a suitable level for your age and remains at that level for the majority of the exercise period.